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what would batman do

There's no hope for people like you and me

what would batman do
He never cares about anything or anybody. Just bowling. I find that weird. It's clear that he never cared about his wives or any of his girlfriends, hell he doesn't even care about his "best" friend. Not really. Not enough to not have had sex with his best friends wife. He doesn't care about his parents. He doesn't care about the mother of his kid (which is fine by me, though i'm sure he's pretending to care about her so he can pretend to be a good dad) its all just so fucked up. like, so fucked up.

he cares about his job.

and bowling, which is his job.
that's it. end of story.

he's good at pretending to care about things and people but he doesn't. he really really doesn't. that's fucked up. he holds no joy and love in anything other than his job/bowling. no joy in people. no joy in places (other than a bowling alley) and no joy in anything else in the entire world.

that's sad.

it's not me. i might talk about him and what happened but i'm LUCKY that i noticed he didnt care. Maybe i found out the hard way, but it was more that I could no longer offer him anything and he get to maintain his "good guy" image. Although people are seeing through it Maybe not his flordia friends.....

i gave him all i had and it wasn't good enough. i never mattered to him.

i never could have mattered to him. his own family doesn't matter to him.